Youtube, make the best ouf ot it!


Youtube has alot of additional and interesting features that few know about,
below are some tips on how to make better use of

Keyboard shortcuts
Once your video starts playing, you can use these shortcuts:
Spacebar: play/pause
Left/right: rewind/forward
F: full screen
Up/Down: volume
M: mute
0-9: each skips 10% of the vid

Disable automatically switch to high quality on full screen:
Switching to full screen automatically tries loading higher quality, but in Lebanon that’s not really a good thing.
You can turn it off by clicking the gear button on the bottom of the player, and checking “Never play high quality video”.

Youtube “Leanback”:
If you have a home theater or smart TV, you can view a stripped down version of the site optimized for such viewing.
Simply visit

Repeat video:
Most of us probably listen to music on Youtube…youtube would be great with an auto-repeat feature, but unfortunately it’s not there…
but, you can use this very useful website to do just that!

Search by music:
Youtube has a quite unknown feature which is Youtube Disco
This feature allows you to type the name of a song or artist you like, and Youtube will generate a playlist that you will most probably like based on your search key!
There’s also a Top 100 playlist that can be useful for the lazy or to find some new music!

Better Uploads:
Youtube has a bunch of tips and hints that will allow for better video qualities when uploading, make sure to check them out to you go for the best video encoding settings from the start! Most people directly proceed uploading without knowing any of these details and Youtube has to recompress the video which makes it lose quality sometimes.

Download YouTube videos:
There are plenty of ways to download videos from Youtube, my personal favorite is a Firefox plugin called “Flashget”, it detects the source of any video file playing through a Flash player (Youtube, Vimeo, or others), and gives you an option in the toolbar to directly download the file you want (it even gives you multiple options for multiple video qualities + shows the video size).
Then you can use this nice and convenient tool to convert the file to different formats that are more compatible with your phone or computer.

Connection speed statistics:
Youtube allows you to check your internet speed statistics which shows you how your connection is going compared to Youtube’s, this way you know if the problem is from your connection or youtube.
It also gives you statistics compared to other users , your ISP, and your country!

Advanced searching:
Most people are unaware of this, Google has advanced search operators, and since Google owns Youtube, they work there too!
Here’s a few:
Put quotes around the search words (example: “Jquery Tutorial”) to search for exact matches.
Put a plus sign before a word (“jquery +tutorial”) to make sure the search results will include it, and a minus sign (“jquery -tutorial”) to ignore it.
Use “intitle:” (“intitle:tutorial”) to include results that have the word explicitly in the video title (and not in the description or tags).

I hope this article will improve your Youtube experience :)


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  1. This article is very useful, thank you :)

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