9 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Xbox One



1. What’s in the Box?
The Xbox One console comes with an Xbox One controller, Kinect camera, HDMI cable, power cable and power brick. It also comes with a chat headset, which Microsoft almost left out, for a grand total of $499.

The Xbox One, like the PlayStation 4, only works through HDMI. Unlike the PS4, which has an internal power supply, you’ll need space on your shelf for the One’s power brick.

2. Day-One Update
The Xbox One will require at least one day-one update to play. Gamers must get the patch before doing anything else with the console.

Microsoft has not commented on the size of the patch, only that it will probably be a “15 to 20 minute download.”

3. Digital Downloads and Storage
Gamers can purchase nearly all Xbox One titles digitally on the release date. Microsoft confirmed the Xbox One can interface with external hard drives to boost its internal 500 gigs of storage, an ability that will be unlocked with a patch download eventually, the company said.

4. 21 Games Available at Launch
There will be 21 games available to purchase either in stores or digitally on Nov. 22 when the console launches in North America. Some of those games are console exclusives published by Microsoft: Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome and Crimson Dragon. Two Microsoft-published titles, Lococycle and Killer Instinct, are digital only.


The cross-platform blockbuster titles available on the One include Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Skylanders: Swap Force, Need for Speed: Rivals, Just Dance 4, Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Sports fans will get plenty as well, with Madden 25, NBA 2K14, Fifa 14 and NBA Live 14 available at launch.

5. Cable Box Integration
The Xbox One has an HDMI in, so you can plug in your cable box and run your TV experience through the console. This will allow players to quickly switch between games, live TV and other on-demand entertainment through the One, and even run separate activities on the side.

6. The Kinect Has New Tricks Up Its Sleeve
The Xbox team has stressed that the motion-capturing camera Kinect, which is bundled with every Xbox One, is a much more sophisticated device than its predecessor. The camera can see a lot more of what is happening in the room; it can sense the number of people, see their skeletons, monitor heartbeats and even recognize faces.

The Kinect will now be able to log players in to Xbox Live as soon as they come into view, even logging multiple people onto one console. It also knows who is giving orders and can tailor its requests to the speaker.

7. The Dashboard Comes With You
The Xbox One dashboard is more closely associated with your Gamertag than ever. Players customize the color scheme of their dashboards, along with up to 25 pins — apps, games, shows or movies they want to easily access.

Source: Mashable

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