Mind-Mapping Will Take Your Brainstorms to the Next Level



Brainstorming can be a difficult process, especially at a company with offices in multiple locations. Email is only efficient to a point, and writing everything down can lead to a cluttered mess

Enter MindMeister, a free mind-mapping software that allows users to quickly and easily translate ideas from their heads onto a clear and organized flow chart.

How It Works

The software is simple to use and easy to pick up after a few minutes of practice. Begin with a central idea, then use the Enter button to create a similar branch or the Tab button to extend a new branch off the original idea. After writing every facet of the idea out, it is possible to go back and customize the layout. Every bubble can be customized with different text sizes, colors and images. You can also add notes, links, videos or other important information to each entry so the chart remains simple and efficient.


MindMeister can be used for a number of situations outside of the business world, too. Writers can use the map to plan out their novels or research, branch out with new scenes, quotes and pictures to aid in the creative process. It can be an effective tool in problem solving, where you and other users can create several branches for pros and cons and explore different options together. The software can even be used to assign and organize chores and calendars or plan a family vacation.

A Quick Tutorial
To begin mapping, just start with your central idea, like planning a trip to San Francisco, as shown above. Press Tab and then Enter in order to start making branches, like “Things to do,” “Shopping” or “Day Plan.” From there, pressing Tab will give you the ability to break off those initial branches to refine those thoughts. For Shopping, pressing Tab will allow to input an entry, such as “Bloomingdales.” Pressing Enter after it will create another branch in the same thought as the first entry so you can add, in this case, another store like “Union Square/Macy’s.” You can continue adding new branches by pressing the Tab key as many times as needed.

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