We’ve had the chance to test the LG G Flex for a few days. First of all, there’s more to the G Flex than just a curved display. It also is a 6-inch monster, which practically makes of it the very first LG phablet. We should also mention that it runs on the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip as all of Android’s current flagships. It also has an awesome 13MP camera. So, it does look like an interesting package.

It’s curvy. You’ll spend a few minutes turning it up and down and all around just to admire the flex of the device. But then you’ll notice that it’s big. But then again, it’s light. Boiling it down to a mere summary, it does look like a G2 Max with a curve. Besides that, there’s the self-healing back cover, that heals itself from scratches and scuffs. Sounds awesome. We tried it with keys and it did work. But we do not recommend pushing it farther than this. Scissors cuts won’t heal.

The screen is bent. But not bendy. It is a bit, but not so much, really. However, the screen being the biggest bedazzlement of the G Flex, it is also its biggest disappointment: it seems like LG forgot to make it full HD. Its 1280×720 resolution is fine really, but on a whopping 6-inch screen (with 245 ppi), it looks less detailed than most of the flagships out there. A slight consolation: it’s bright, with natural, vibrant colours.

Power and Camera
The G Flex runs on a 2.26 GHz Snapdragon 800 as its G2 sibling, and performs almost identically. No stutters, no lags. One thing that got better since the G2 is battery life. We got nearly one full day of medium-to-heavy use. As for the camera, it is pretty much the same camera we saw on the G2, minus the OIS. And it sports only one flash. This does mean that low-light snaps will be more of a stunt this time around.

The G Flex is a solid phablet. Its searing performance and superb battery life make of it a true powerhouse. However, the below-par 720p screen and lack of OIS are somewhat frustrating. The curved design and self-healing back make of it a true looker and head-turner, but they don’t add to much to the smartphone table to make of the G Flex a killer device.

Source: TechTicker

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