Lebanon’s Telecom: On the way to improvement.


After all these years, maybe there’s still hope.

Earlier today, the telecom minister Boutros Harb annouced the proposal to discuss new and improved DSL & 3G plans.
We are all aware of how our internet was “kind of” awful concerning its speed and limit.

Here’s a leak from the proposal is the following table published (begrudgingly) by Al Akhbar:
Before & After-

According to a tweet from Boutros Harb’s assistant, the new 3G bundles will be as follow:

Phone Rates & SMS:
Last but not least, if the proposals are to pass, a minute, currently costing $0.36 on prepaid lines, will be dropped to $0.25. A text message costing $0.09 will be reduced by 45%. The best news, however, is in the fact that the monthly fee of postpaid lines would now involve a set of 60 minutes for free talks, making the $20-something per month fee not completely useless.

Hope these changes will be applied soon, so we won’t have to worry about our quota finishing earlier than it should and scheduling our heavy downloads to start at 11PM.


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