Beirut International Floating Island


Beirut International Marine Industry & Commerce s.a.r.l (BI) was established in 2003 with a current capital of 300,000,000 LBP as a family company with its shareholders Dr. Abdullah Daou, Mrs. Nawal Shehayeb Daou and their two children, Civil Engineer Sumer Daou and Architect Soir Daou.

BI, with a current staff of 290 highly skilled engineers, technicians and administratives, is dedicated to start the industry of Floating Islands, Multihull Yachts & Ships, Fiberglass Houses.

All engineered according to the Advanced Engineering of the Floating Island Dhow 4, a new breakthrough in Marine Engineering, researched and proved by Dr. Abdullah Daou.

With some 300 engineers and skilled technicians rotating on the job, our workshops and shipyards across the country are operating around the clock, and by the most demanding international standards, to meet the spring of 2015 launch date in the Tripoli Shipyard. The staff will be boosted to 560 highly skilled Engineers, Technicians and Administrators.

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