Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg wants you to pay him to stalk you.


I’d like to caption the picture above: “Mwahaha I own you all (6)”.

This time Facebook has gone way too far. In a breathtakingly creepy invasion of privacy, it is forcing all smartphone users to download a new messaging app which will allow Facebook to access your phone camera and record audio whenever it likes, call and send messages without your permission, identify you and all your contacts, and send that info on to third parties.

If you want to carry on sending and receiving messages on Facebook you now have no choice but to install Facebook Messenger – and give the company access to a wealth of personal data stored on your phone.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has also admitted that his long-term plan is to ‘monetize’ the app, so soon you may find yourself actually paying Facebook to stalk you.

Facebook has never been shy about accessing our personal data, selling it on to advertisers, and even performing psychological experiments on its users. But actually being able to control people’s phones without their permission? That’s plain scary.

The company claims that it is simply improving the user experience, as people respond to messages on the app 20% faster. But that’s clearly not the real reason. Facebook wants to make more money — and by giving people no choice but to agree to these invasive terms and conditions if they want to stay in touch with their friends it has crossed an ethical line that has to be defended.

Most people installing the app have absolutely no idea what they just agreed to.

I’d like to caption the picture above: “Mwahaha I own you all (6)”.

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