WhatsApp Web: Everything You Need To Know



WhatsApp Web is super simple to use, although it has some restrictions in which devices it works with.

You’ll need to update WhatsApp from your smartphone app store or install the latest version.
Your phone will have to be connected to the Internet at all times.

A phone running on Android, BlackBerry, Nokia S60 or Windows Phone. WhatsApp Web won’t work with iPhones because it restricts background multitasking and push notifications.

Google Chrome. WhatsApp Web works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, but it only supports the Chrome web browser. We already know it’s the fastest browser, but apparently WhatsApp believes it has the best push notifications system.

Setting up WhatsApp Web is a snap.

>Open Google Chrome and go to http://web.whatsapp.com.
>On your WhatsApp mobile app, tap Menu > WhatsApp Web to start the QR code reader.
>Point your phone’s camera to the QR code on your PC screen.


Give it a try!
WhatsApp Web

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