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Microsoft Launches Anti-Google Merchandise Line ‘Scroogled’


If you’re team Microsoft — or just anti-Google in general — you now have your pickings of “Scroogled” gear, a term coined by the Redmond, Calif.-based software company. The products, which range from hats to T-shirts to mugs, poke fun of Google collecting personal data about its users. The items come just in time for […]


Opt out of Google’s new Ad system that shows your face

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If you haven’t read the updates, Google is planning on using your face and name for the sake of advertisement So here’s how to opt out of that and still keep some of your privacy Even though it’s easy, but finding the page to do that is quite deep inside your Google account and required some good […]


Hands On With Google Chromecast


  Google announced Google Chromecast on Wednesday, a new pint-sized $35 device streams content to your television from your computer, Android and even iOS device. The box dubs it “the easiest way to watch online video on your TV.” During its press conference, Google demonstrated a wireless device that not only connects to your television while hiding […]

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